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Power of the Ask™ Academy (Self study)

Enter your information and get started standing in your power and speaking with clarity, confidence, conviction and influence - and getting what you need at work and home to be successful and happy.

Upon payment, you will receive an email with access to:

  • All the Videos of me coaching you through the core modules (clarity, conviction, mindset & delivery) & bonus modules (handling "no") 
  • Worksheets to follow along as you learn to build a convincing case for your value & needs, and to reference after the Academy
  • Scripts you will personalize to make your case compelling and convincing
  • Coaching to APPLY every strategy you learn to YOUR unique situation
  • Case studies in each module to understand how others applied each step and the system to their situations
  • Reflections & practice opportunities so you internalize new HABITS, not temporary skills
  • Results throughout the Academy, not just at the end

There's NO guesswork, just results

I'm known for coaching my clients to truly UNDERSTAND every strategy & HOW TO APPLY them them to your UNIQUE situation - so when you're done with each module, you see results immediately and long term.

Remember, client & students of this Academy have fallen back in love with their jobs, created  boundaries and honored them, improved their relationshipsreceived promotions immediately, 25% pay raises (the avg. is 3%), increased their sales - while excelling in their roles!

This this course will pay for itself over and over again when YOU:

  1. Stop feeling frustrated and unhappy because you RECEIVE EXACTLY what you need to be happier, healthy, influential and successful again 
  2. Stop avoiding conversations or being "too direct" in all areas of your life because you have irresistible CONFIDENCE and STRATEGIES to navigate any conversation 
  3. Move from feeling stuck to being in FLOW because you have clarity in ALL areas of your life
  4. People ask you "how did you do that?" because you're naturally using this repeatable system to stand in your power, be clear and get what you need, when you need it

Don’t wait!

The sooner you get started, the sooner you'll speak powerfully about your ideas, values and needs - with confidence, clarity & conviction - and watch everything in your life fall into place.

Let's get started! 


Your Coach,

Jacqueline Hawk